Achieve optimal health and wellness activating your metabolism

IMON METHODOS, the most breakthrough scientific wellness approach based on Hippocrates doctrines and practices combining the gnosis with the state-of-the-
art science..

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I-M-O-N Services


Precision medicine & nutrition programs, know-how and training

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I-M-O-N Products


In IMON  METHODOS we use biofunctional foods instead
of drugs, preventing and treating health conditions and promoting wellness.
Biofunctional foods are food products that combine functional raw materials with special ingredients and have
scientifically proven, positive effects on human DNA.

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IMON MED is a breakthrough scientific approach : MEDical / MEDiterranean/

I-M-Ó-N Med is the most innovative proposal for
holistic wellness with the support of biotechnology. Is based on an integrated method for remote nutrition, health assessment and management.

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I-M-O-N  app


Achieve Ideal Health By Scoring the Perfect Cellular Balance

The app is the basic tool of the patented method (IMON methodos). ΙΜΟΝ METHOD is a roadmap towards ideal health. The whole approach starts with a mindful nutrition management and leads to attain a perfect BODYSTRUCTURE – SOMA (an optimum BODY) with high performance cellular function.

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Health sciences for total health balance


Research & Development


Cell “smart” re-engineering with multi-omics techniques

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Research & Training programs for doctors – health experts – health coaches & consultants

The scope of IMON Institute is to disseminate and thoroughly apply the metabolic
principles of personalized prevention /well-being/ health precision to humanity – based on HIPPOCRATES theory. The Institute’s basic methodologies are multy-omics technics and an unique method of metabolic auto-regulation and evexia .

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